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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Week Three of Our 10th Anniversary Sale Starts Today
WEEK THREE November 16 thru 23, 2017 Select Hourglasses and Accessories On Sale

Shown Below: The Acorn Light Oak Sand Ceremony Hourglass, The Newport Sand Ceremony Hourglass, and The Lakeside Wedding Dark Oak Hourglass.


Oak Hourglass Sand Ceremony Newport Beach Wedding Hourglass Lakeside Wedding Sand Timer
Other Hourglasses On Sale include The Legacy Walnut Hourglass, The Honeymoon Cherry and Maple Hourglass, The Adirondack Wedding Walnut and White Birch, The Aegean Wedding Dark Brown Unity Sand Ceremony Hourglass.The Vintage Rose Gold, The Hampton Hourglass, The Eternity Hourglass, The Islander, and The Te Amo Heart Shaped Unity Hourglass
Please Visit Shop Online For All Sales 


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Thursday, November 2, 2017

10 Weeks of 10th Anniversary Specials


10 year anniversary sale sand ceremony hourglass


We are Celebrating 10 Years with 10 Weeks of 10th Anniversary Specials starting November 1, 2017



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