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Spare Collection Kit
This kit is designed to bring to the beach with you and has everything needed to get enough sand to fill your Heirloom Hourglass. It comes with a  Jute Burlap drawstring pouch, a scoop for collecting sand, a bag to put the sand in, a strainer, a funnel, and directions for properly filling your Heirloom Hourglass. 1 Kit included with each Hourglass.

  Price $9.95 

Pewter Heart Closure - 1
Solid Pewter Heart Closure.  These Heart Closures Are Plain, No Engraving. Engraving directly on hearts also available - Please see Closure Engraving Option. Hourglass must also be purchased.

  Price $9.99 

Pewter Ship Wheel Closure - 1

Solid Pewter Ship Wheel Closure. This ship wheel comes standard on many models. If the hourglass model you have selected comes with a different closure and you prefer the Ship Wheel, just add 1 or 2 on to your order. You can select 2 different closures for a different look on both ends. Customize you hourglass to fit you tastes and decor!

  Price $9.99 

Pewter Anchor Closure - 1

The pewter anchor custom closure adds the perfect touch of nautical majesty to your Heirloom Hourglass. Crafted from the finest solid pewter and antiqued to bring out the depth and fine details, this closure is also sealed with a special finish so it will never tarnish. The fine brushed silver-hued appearance of the pewter anchor will enhance any Heirloom Hourglass you choose, and it is designed to be enjoyed for many generations to come. The pewter anchor is approximately 1 ¾” in height and 1 ½” from side to side, and will allow you to easily open and seal any hourglass from our Wedding & Special Occasion Collection. Choose an anchor for one side of your Heirloom Hourglass and a Ship Wheel for the other! Be sure to select your second closure- if you want 2 anchors, add 2 to your shopping cart. Hourglass must also be purchased.

  Price $9.99 

Pewter Sailboat Closure - 1

This closure fits any of our “Wedding & Special Occasion” Hourglass models, and is made from fine solid pewter. The Sailboat design displays wonderful details of a sailboat riding the waves with gulls flying against the distant clouds. This closure is perfect for those with an eye for nautical décor and a love of sailing and the water. Select this closure for both sides of your hourglass, or select The Sailboat for one side and a Lighthouse, Anchor, Seashells, or Palm Tree design for the other!

  Price $9.99 

Pewter Maple Leaf Closure - 1

The maple leaf is a delicate symbol of nature, and this custom closure is a charming addition to any Heirloom Hourglass from our “Wedding & Special Occasion” hourglass collection. The Heirloom Hourglass pewter maple leaf is so intricately detailed, it looks as if it drifted down from the tree above to settle in place on your hourglass! 

  Price $9.99 

Pewter Two Hearts Become One Closure - 1

The fine pewter “Two Hearts Become One” closure is absolutely ideal for your Wedding, Honeymoon, Vow Renewal, or Anniversary Heirloom Hourglass! This custom closure features two intertwined hearts that are beautifully adorned with delicate pewter roses. This closure comes standard in pewter on each side of “The Honeymoon” model Heirloom Hourglass, and it can be added to one or both sides of any other model from our “Wedding & Special Occasion” hourglass line. Choose your Heirloom Hourglass, and then customize it with an engraved pewter heart (sold separately) on one side, and the pewter “Two Hearts Become One” closure on the other!  Select from Standard pewter, Silver Finsh, or Gold Finish.

Please Select Finish
  Price $9.99 

Pewter Heart Of The Sea Closure - 1

The pewter “Heart of the Sea” closure features a variety of seashells, starfish, and sand dollars arranged in the shape of a heart. If you look closely, you’ll see that this unique design creates both a lovely outer heart shape, and small inner heart shape. The fine pewter “Heart of the Sea” closure can be added to either side or both sides of any Heirloom Hourglass from our standard “Wedding & Special Occasion” models. This unique custom closure is perfect for beach Weddings, Honeymoons, vacations, and more!

  Price $9.99 

Pewter Palm Tree Closure - 1

Nothing says sun, sand, and warm breezes quite like the palm tree! Fill your Heirloom Hourglass with sands from that perfect stretch of beach and seal it with the “Pewter Palm Tree” by selecting this custom closure for one side or both sides of your hourglass! This closure is designed for use with any Heirloom Hourglass from our “Wedding & Special Occasion” line, and it features intricately detailed palm trees with a small seashell washed up on sandy beach.

  Price $9.99 

Pewter Race Horse Closure - 1

If you have a love of horses and racing, this is the perfect custom closure for your Heirloom Hourglass. The pewter Race Horse features a richly detailed thoroughbred in full gallop with a jockey braced for the finish line. This custom closure may be selected for one or both sides of any Heirloom Hourglass from our “Wedding & Special Occasion” line.

  Price $9.99 

Pewter Sand Dollar Closure - 1

The Sand Dollar is a classic symbol of coastal living, vacations, and a relaxing day on the beach. Seal any Heirloom Hourglass from our “Wedding & Special Occasion” line on either side or both sides with this beautifully detailed fine pewter Sand Dollar closure. Just as this little treasure is a joy to find while combing your favorite beach, the Sand Dollar closure will seal your treasured sands safely inside your Heirloom Hourglass!

  Price $9.99 

Pewter Starfish Closure - 1

“The Pewter Starfish” custom closure is ideal for sealing your treasured beach sands safely inside your Heirloom Hourglass. The beautiful design features three richly detailed starfish forged from fine pewter. Select this custom closure for use on one side or get two to seal each side of any Heirloom Hourglass from our “Wedding & Special Occasion” line.

  Price $9.99 

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