Heirloom Hourglass

Create a Customized and Personalized Keepsake!

Add your own personal touch to any Heirloom Hourglass design! We offer over 100 hourglasses to choose from and a wide range of unique closure designs and personalization options. Create the perfect Heirloom Hourglass Unity Sand Ceremony Set for your celebration, or make a wonderful gift package for any occasion!

Just follow this easy step by step guide:

1)      Select your Heirloom Hourglass design – We offer over 100 Heirloom Hourglass designs to choose from. They are made from a wide range of materials including rare hardwoods, granite, marble, our signature Oceanstone material, and more. Each design can be viewed by browsing the Shop Online section of our website. Here are just a few popular Heirloom Hourglass designs:

The Lake Sider
All Solid Oak

The New Englander
Vermont Soapstone, Mahogany

The Wedding Day
White Marble Oceanstone, Maple

The Adirondack
Black Walnut, White Birch

The Embers
Orange Calcite, Black Walnut

The Honeymoon
Curly Cherry, Maple

2)      Select your closure designs – Every Heirloom Hourglass comes complete with the closure designs shown in the photos you see as you browse through our website. These beautiful closures are made from either solid pewter or 24-carat gold plated solid pewter, and they make it easy to open your Heirloom Hourglass, fill it from either side, and then close your sands safely inside. You can customize any Heirloom Hourglass by replacing the closures that come with it – select from over 30 optional closure designs, including hearts, birthstone ship wheels, anchors, palm trees, shells, and more! Use these closure designs to customize your hourglass to match your event theme, your home décor, or to create the perfect gift for someone special! Many of our closure designs can be engraved, and you can select a different closure for each side of your hourglass! Example: For Weddings, people often select the “two hearts become one” closure for one side of their hourglass, and an engraved pewter heart with their names and wedding date for the other side. Below are a few examples of the wide selection of closure designs we offer: Please click on the link to go to the Personalization and Custom Closure section of Shop Online.

Graduation Cap
Pewter Closure

2 Hearts Become 1
Pewter Closure

Palm Tree
Pewter Closure

Horseshoe , Horse Head
Pewter Closure

Sand Dollar
Pewter Closure

Pewter Closure

3)      Add Engraving and Personalization – If you have selected closures that can be engraved, such as our heart design closures, adding engraving will make your Heirloom Hourglass even more unique and personal to you and your special occasion! Or include an engraved plate with your personal message that can be adhered to the bases of your Heirloom Hourglass. Another unique personal touch is our birthstone ship wheel closure designs. We also offer engraving services for the glass sand holders available with various ceremony packages, and we offer beautiful champagne flutes and wine glasses that can be engraved to accompany your wine country wedding ceremony or any ceremony. Here are just a few examples showing how much engraving adds to the beauty of your Heirloom Hourglass and ceremony packages:

Silver Personalization Plate

Engraved Pewter Heart

Engraved Wine Glass

4)      Add Accessories and Complete Your Package – If you are planning a Wedding or Vow Renewal, be sure to include one of the The Exclusive Heirloom Hourglass Unity Ceremony Packages! The touching unity ceremony is printed on your choice of theme papers with your names hand lettered in calligraphy, and it comes with our hand blown glass funnel and a variety of sand holders including real seashells to pour your sands in your hourglass with! Heirloom Hourglass offers a vast selection of colored sands and shimmering sands perfect for matching bridal colors, birthstones, and more. Complete your sand ceremony set or gift package with a greeting card personalized with your message and hand lettered by our expert calligraphers! We can ship your complete event or gift ensemble to nearly any location worldwide, making Heirloom Hourglass the perfect choice for a unique and meaningful gift that will be cherished forever!

Hand Lettered Gretting Card

Sea Shell Photo Album

Lamp Shell
Ceremony Package

5)      Record the Story of Your Heirloom Hourglass – Each Heirloom Hourglass comes with a collection kit for gathering your own real beach sands and filling your hourglass. This kit includes an individually numbered book with a certificate of authenticity, and it includes plenty of space for recording notes about the meaning of your Heirloom Hourglass and the contents you place within it. Reading some of the story book entries listed below that our customers have submitted to us will give you some great gift giving ideas to help you create a truly meaningful and moving gift!

Every Heirloom Hourglass comes with a collection kit containing an individually numbered gift book for displaying beside your hourglass, and for recording the story of the keepsake you create. When you document your personal thoughts about your Heirloom Hourglass and its contents, you’ll create a time capsule symbolic of an important moment, place, person, or event in your life that can be enjoyed and appreciated by all who read it. Here are a few gift book entries Heirloom Hourglass owners shared with us:


Happy Birthday, Grandma! Contained within this hourglass is soil from the garden at your home, sands from Lake George Beach where you taught me how to swim, and soil from the pitcher’s mound at the field where you always came to watch me play softball. I also included colored sand to represent your birthstone, Aquamarine, and Grandpa’s birthstone, Topaz. Thank you for all you have done for our family over the years, for always being there for me, and for helping to make so many wonderful memories.

 Love, Beth ~ August 12, 2007


The Campfire Heirloom Hourglass was filled by The Williams Family with sands and soils from our camp on Fourth Lake.

Soil from our outdoor campfire hearth and sand from our beach flow through this hourglass. These are the gathering places for our family and friends that helped create our fondest memories.

September 14, 2008


My Dearest Sarah, I give this hourglass to you as a symbol of our past, present, and future together. Flowing through it are sands and soils that represent both our fondest memories and our plans for the future. This hourglass contains sand from Myrtle Beach, the first place you and I vacationed as a couple and went to the ocean together, and sand from the Cayman Islands, where we honeymooned three years later. Some soil from your parent’s house in your home town is also combined in the hourglass with soil from the groundbreaking of our new home we are building. Perhaps you will place your hourglass on the mantel when we move in, and we can add to it over the years. Thank you for making all these special times possible, and for making my life complete. Love, AlexFebruary 14, 2008 


On this First Day of December, 2008 Eric W & Chelsea L filled this Heirloom Hourglass during their unity sand ceremony with sands they stood on as they said their vows. Also added by the mother of the Bride & Groom were sands to match Eric & Chelsea's birthstones & to represent the families joining. Standing by them were: Maid of Honor: Rebecca L, Bridesmaids: Lorrie S, Amy L, & Katrina P, Best Man: Gary W, and Groomsmen: Karl M, Bill W, & Eric L This represents a start of a new life together as Mr. & Mrs. W. To make it extra special, each parent & wedding attendant signed their name in the book.

There is nothing quite as symbolic of a time, place, or event as the very sands or soils from the location that helped you create some special memories! Now these sands and soils that you collect can be flowing through a beautiful handcrafted hourglass made especially for you or your gift recipient. When you display your Heirloom Hourglass in your home or office, it will become a treasured keepsake of great personal meaning that takes you back to those special times whenever you turn it over and see your sands flowing through it! Capture a moment, preserve the memories, and create an heirloom that will be cherished for generations to come with the one and only

Heirloom Hourglass!

3 - Screened Out Particles

1 - Collect Your Sand

2 - Screen Your Sand

5 - Seal Your Hourglass
With Selected Closures

4 - Fill The Hourglass
Using Paper Funnel

Pacifica Model Hourglass Shown With
Real Beach Sand Flowing Through

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