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Home of Heirloom Hourglass™, The Original Wedding Hourglass™
Time is Measured in Moments...
Capture The Moments, Preserve Your Memories, Create an Heirloom
during Your Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony on Your Wedding Day.
Every Heirloom Hourglass Unity Sand Ceremony Hourglass™
is Proudly Handcrafted in The USA
and comes Fully Assembled, Ready to Fill With Your Memories.
All You Need is an Heirloom Hourglass™, Sand, and Each Other to
Bring Your Once In A Lifetime Home.
Constellation Unity Sand Ceremony Hourglass at Vow Renewal in The Bahamas
Family trips to the beach, Oceanside Weddings, Resort and Hotel Vacations, Caribbean cruises, Spring break at the beach, Anniversaries.
These are special times spent with family and friends that we cherish
and long to hold on to. Capture these unique moments in your life and preserve the memories for generations to come with a beautiful hourglass that you can fill and personalize. The Unity Hourglass Exclusive Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony is the perfect compliment to any Beach Wedding or Church Wedding.
It also makes a great Wedding Gift, Engagement or Honeymoon Gift, Wedding Party Gift, Anniversary Gift, or Personalized Gift For Any Occasion.
If you are searching for sand ceremony sets or sand ceremony wording, then you have found the most romantic and meaningful anywhere.
The Legacy Sand Ceremony Hourglass
At Heirloom Hourglass, we are inspired by the importance of the once in a lifetime moments we all experience as we go through life, the simple things that are woven within the fabric of our fondest memories, and the natural elements of our surroundings that enhance it all. When you browse through the many Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Hourglass designs and read their descriptions, we hope you will see what we see –
the overwhelming Love on Your Wedding Day,
the romance of a sunset, the majesty of the oceans,
the comfort of a hearth or campfire, the possibilities that a sunrise brings,
the ambiance of a moonlit evening, the delicate warmth of candlelight,
the bond of wedding vows, or the fond memories of a vacation full of sandy shores and warm breezes. As your sands pass through
your Heirloom Hourglass, we hope you will be taken back to moments like these, and that we have helped you to capture those moments in a way like no other, preserve the memories, and create an heirloom that endures for generations
as a symbol of your fondest memories.
In Business 10 Years 2207-2017
We Celebrated Our 10th Anniversary of Heirloom Hourglass in 2017
with the launch of Many New Product Collections.
We now offer Wedding Bands, Jewelry, Gifts,
Home and Holiday Items, Pet items, and More.
Sand Ceremony Hourglass. Fillable Hourglass. Unity Hourglass. Empty Hourglass. Sand Ceremony Sets. Wedding Sand.
Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony HourglassÂŽ
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